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2016 Rides

The State Fair of Virginia and amusement contractor Deggeller Attractions offer a wide variety of rides to suit guests of all ages.

Midway Madness


 Hold on tight, big fun ahead!

 Spectacular Rides – rare to many traveling amusement companies, much like large attractions found in a permanent amusement park

 Thrill Rides – combine fast motions with high speeds and sometimes heights to give patrons a thrill like no other!

 Family Rides – These are for riders of all ages and often allow families to ride together.



Big thrills for little folks.

 Kiddie Rides – These rides are geared for small children and do not include fast motions.

 Kid’s Corral – Coin-operated farm-themed rides for children not tall enough for Kiddie rides

More Information

Click here for a full list of 2016 Rides and height requirements.

Midway & Kidway rides and games open at 11 a.m. daily. 

Midway rides will continue to operate for a minimum of one hour after the Ticket Plaza closes or longer at the discretion of fair management. 

Kidway rides close when the Ticket Plaza closes.

Rides are not included with admission, but ride tickets and Unlimited Ride Wristbands cab be purchased at Ride Ticket Booths, within the fair, in the Midway and Kidway areas. Each ride requires 3-6 individual ride tickets. Ride tickets may be used any day of the fair; Unlimited Ride Wristbands are good for one day only, buy one person and are non-transferable.

Buy Unlimited Ride Wristbands Vouchers in advance at Walgreens and online for the best price. Redeem vouchers for a wristband in the Midway or Kidway areas.